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How to connect Datos to your Adobe Analytics account

Time needed: 5 minutes

Follow these instructions to start using Datos Adobe Analytics API Tools.

  1. Access Adobe Console

    Navigate to and log in.
    If you cannot log in, or you get access denied, skip to this section.

  2. Create new project

    Project Title: Datos API Tools
    Project Description: Connects with Datos API Tools
    If you cannot create a new project, skip to this section.

  3. Add API

    Click Add API and select Adobe Analytics, click Next
    Select Service Account (JWT) and click Next
    Select Generate a key pair and click Generate Keypair
    A zip file will be downloaded.
    If you cannot find Adobe Analytics or do not have it available to you, skip to this section.

  4. Extract private key

    Unzip the archive and open private.key with a text editor.
    On Mac right-click > open with > other > TextEdit
    On PC, right-click > open with > Notepad
    Once you have private.key open in a text editor, copy the contents over to Datos.
    Click Next

  5. Select Profile

    Select the Web Service Access profile and click Save configured API

  6. Copy JWT Credentials

    On the Service Account (JWT) screen you will see your Client ID, Client Secret, Technical Account ID, and Organization ID. Copy those over to Datos.


Cannot access Adobe Console
Cannot Add Project
Cannot Add Adobe Analytics
Check with your System Administrator for access or have an admin log in and create JWT credentials for you.
Alternatively, you can still use the legacy v1.4 API tools by clicking the Use Legacy v1.4 API Tools link.