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How To Export All Adobe Analytics Calculated Metrics

Time needed: 5 minutes

Need to export all your Adobe Analytics Calculated Metrics? Follow this how-to.

  1. Sign in to Datos

    Sign in or create a free Datos account.

  2. Enter JWT Credentials

    Connect to your Adobe Analytics account.
    Datos will skip this step for you if you have completed it before.
    Where do I find my JWT Credentials?
    Don’t have JWT Credentials? Use our legacy v1.4 API tools.

  3. Select Calculated Metrics

    On the Datos home screen, select Calculated Metrics.

  4. Search Filters

    Enter search filters then click Search.
    Name – search by calculated metric name
    Report Suite – search by a comma-separated list of RSIDs
    Include Type – All – all company metrics, Shared – metrics shared with all users, Templates – all template metrics
    Tags – search by tags
    Adobe Analytics Calculated Metrics Search Filters

  5. Results

    View results on the page. You will need to export to see the definition formatted for easy reading.

    Calculated Metrics Sample Table

  6. Optional – export to CSV

    Click the Download button.

    Important: The following only applies if the last column on the table is labeled exceedsExcelLimits – this column is omitted if your dataset does not exceed excel limits and you can ignore this message. ExceedsExcelLimits will be set to true for rows where any cell contains more than 32,767 characters. When you export rows where exceedsExcelLimits=true, you will notice it breaks the formatting. You can get around this by deleting those rows in a text editor
    Sample export:
    Calculated Metrics Sample Csv Export